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Acting Bio

Fernando Rocha is an actor, singer, director, and theater teacher. He got a Master's Degree in Theatre. From a very early, committed himself to the Performing Arts. He studied with great masters in Brazil and eight different countries, among them Japan and Germany. He practiced the art of mime, of the dances he tried a little of each, of the classical ballet, passing through the modern and contemporary dance and pausing with a little more emphasis on the Brazilian folk and the Japanese butoh dance. He recently began researching American hip hop and Indian Kathakali theater.


Founder of the Teatro Ritual Group in 1996 in Brazil and the Sonhus Space in Goiânia, a small theater dedicated to the theater of experimentation and projects involving the Art and Education of young people. He has published the book The Art of Actor in Group - The Training of Actor as Collective Culture and several academic articles on the creative work of the actor as well. 

Fernando Rocha has performed with great directors such as Eugenio Barba, Julia Varley, and Iben Nagel Rasmussen of the Odin Teatret from Denmark in various exchanges and artistic residencies in Brazil. He also has worked with Japanese masters as Tadashi Endo, who guided the creative process of the show Travessia Part II in residence of 40 days in Germany in 2008 and with Yoshito Ohno and Natsu Nakajima in Yokohama and Tokyo in Japan in 2010. Work with the Italo-Argentinean Gustavo Colini in Buenos Aires in Argentina and Brazil when he directed and choreographed the show Travessia - Part III in Brazil. He was directed by the Uruguayan director Hugo Rodas, in the spectacle "A Força da Terra" (The Power of Earth) of Grupo Teatro Ritual in 2013 in Brazil. He had worked with Hugo Rodas in 2002 in the show "Memória Roubada" (Memory Stolen) and in 2002 in the creative process with poetry by Federico Garcia Lorca, titled "First Desire" in 2006. 

As a mime he trained with Brazilian masters such as Luis Louis, Denise Stoklos and Victor de Seixas, Disciples of Jacques-Lecoq and Desmond Jones, especially using techniques derived from the work of Ettiénne Decroux. In addition to Miqueias Paz and Alberto Gaus, authentic Brazilian mimes develop a mythical and Brazilian language. In addition to works on the actor's physicality, he works with other Brazilian theatrical groups such as the Lume Teatre. Created by the late master Luis Otávio Burnier, directly apprentice of Ettiene Decroux who also absorbs many of these same principles in their practice inspired by similar techniques. Fernando Rocha had the immense privilege and satisfaction in receiving in his city, Goiânia in Brazil, the mythical mime Ives Lebreton in the Encounter of Creators Actors, who promoted in 2013.

About the Sonhus Ritual Theater created by Fernando Rocha in 1996 in Brazil, click here.

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