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Red Chairs

In Theatre

Theatre is encounter and ​I believe that at the heart of theatre there is a mystical communion between artists and audiences, which provides an invitation for us to reflect upon the uncertainties of human relationships and to transform ourselves and our communities. This perspective has manifested in my work through the kinds of stories I tell, which are often thematically centered on personal and collective memory and spirituality, and through my directorial style, which has often been described as living, visual poetry. I also love to work in other aspects in the same way, creating the light, set, or sound design in order to create an experience that the audience couldn't be unscathed of this invitation to transcend. I want audiences to walk away from the theatre with a gnawing in their hearts that provokes them to question, dream, and brave more daringly than ever before. I can describe the same inner intensity and commitment when I'm acting, modeling, writing, training, or teaching as well. It's always present in my creative work the potential to be connected with something bigger than ourselves. Let’s get to work.   ​ Fernando Rocha is a creator actor with a diverse and extensive resume. He's also an accomplished writer, acting coach, director, mime and physical theater choreographer, theater educator, project manager, theatre manager, producer, and coordinator.  Fernando Rocha or just Nando Rocha is a theater actor who created an independent and experimental company in Brazil called Grupo Teatro Ritual, alongside his partner and friends at an early age. Nando played different roles for more than 25 years in this group in a variety of plays and live performances produced by them. The company "Grupo Teatro Ritual", renamed "Grupo Sonhus Teatro Ritual" made great success in its city, Goiânia in Goiás state. They traveled around the country and to eight other countries: Argentina, Colombia, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Japan, and the USA. Subsequently, he completed his master's degree in Theatre at Universidade Federal de Uberlândia in Brazil. He is the recipient from the Governor of Goias State in Brazil of the 2012 and 2017 Cultural Highlight of the Goias State for his projects Encontro de Atores Criadores and Espaço Sonhus, respectively. Check out below for more details about his trajectory in Theatre:


Actor, Comedian & Singer

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Director, Choreographer

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Manager & Coordinator

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Light Control Board

Lighting & Sound Design + Technical Operation

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Producer & Director of Engagement

In addition to his work as an actor and theater director, he also developed a notable work as a producer at the Encounter of Creative Actors (Encontro de Atores Criadores). This annual festival in 10 editions brought to the city of Goiânia national and international names in research theater, changing the perspective of local artists and the public on the ways of creating and training as actors.

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