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Manager and Coordinator

The ability to work professionally with artists and a broad variety of contractors from different services and even different industries, the combination of boots-on-the-ground and administrative work, and the exponential continued learning.


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Company Manager of the Ritual Theater Group

Fernando Rocha was broadly responsible for the logistical and administrative operations of the theatrical production of the Ritual Theater Group for 23 years straight in Brazil, including payroll, contract negotiation, lodging, transport, scheduling, interdepartmental communications, and much more.


Theater Manager of the Dreams Space
(Espaço Sonhus)


Fernando Rocha's overall responsibility in the Dreams Space (Espaço Sonhus) in Brazil was to run the theater to bring in a well succeed audience and make a sustainable profit. He hired and managed employees, engaged in marketing efforts to promote shows, organized show times, ordered concession foods, oversaw the budget, and ensured everything ran smoothly there. Fernando Rocha selected people to hire and train as assistant managers. This employee worked with other employees as ticket takers or concession stand staff but led the others. As Dreams Space was a small theater, they had a limited number of 15 employees, so he had to do hands-on tasks such as helping the technicians or serving the customers sometimes. They used to work evenings and weekends. Fernando spent most of his workday in his office completing tasks such as record keeping, creating marketing materials, and ordering different services or materials for the concession. He has also communicated with live performance organizers and independent film producers or event organizers such as festivals and others to negotiate percentage rates or rentals to increase profit for the theater. To achieve ticket sales goals, he also needed to choose events that local audiences wanted to see to sell enough tickets. Fernando ensured an adequate number of ticket sales by choosing plays, concerts, and festivals that interested locals. He assured that stage sets get built, and costumes were finished on time for dress rehearsals. Ensured that laws for safety standards were met, hiring and overseeing security personnel. He was often responsible for accounting and payroll for the cast and crew and keeping track of their attendance. He also had the responsibility of making sure the theater was closed adequately after each performance

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Coordinator of the Vila das Artes - Troupe de Cirandeiros at Ciranda da Arte

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Production, Event & Project Manager at Ritual Theatre Group

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Arts Programs Coordinator at Lyceum of Goiânia High School - 2002-2007

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