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Ritual-Body of Actor

Starting from the methodology used in training of the group Sonhus Teatro Ritual, associated with knowledge focused on the physical expression of actor art, this workshop is focused on the search for a poetic body, a body that can communicate sensations, images and feelings.

Program content:

-Exercise of technical and energetic training practiced by the Sonhus group actors Ritual Theater Work on enhancing body expression, exploring the transformation of weight into energy and energy into physical states of scenic presence. From practical exercises based on research and work developed by the Sonhus Ritual Theater Group and around elements of dramatic body mime, this WORKSHOP will address:

-The physical-body work of the actor

-Mime techniques that will provide a broadening in body expressiveness.




From the technical exercises, participants will be led to transform the exercises worked into physical actions.

- Specifics Perform small group and individual improvisations

- Lead to possible applications of physical actions in representation contexts.

-Invite participants to develop a new approach to scenic movement.

-Suggest an extension of creative physical power,

-Create expressive body flexibility where practitioners

-Develop an imaginative, accurate body

- Enable the expansion of physical metaphors.



Cd player, projector with computer input for video viewing.



Theater artists and researchers, directors, dancers, performers, and others interested in actor training.

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